Frequently asked questions

When it comes to every single visitor that looks here – we want you to know that not one is more important than another. To us, every single person is our next partner.

Here, we will try and answer as many questions as possible to help you decide why we are the website design company that you want working on your side and how very quickly we will your business succeed through the online website design world.

Q: How did iOrangehat begin?

A: Over the years 2000 and 2001, a lot of people worldwide lost their jobs due to the Covid pandemic. Because of this, many very skilled people within all industries lost their jobs.

A team of highly skilled people from all over the world, with many years of experience, all within different sectors of the IT universe, joined forces. This was the beginnings of the iOrangehat story.

Q: Where are your offices located.

A: We have office worldwide but our main head office is located in the UK. The Uk office deals with all the administration aspect and there are staff here that will oversee all aspects from start to finish.

Q: What makes you so different to other companies

A: Whereas most companies will allocate your whole website design to just one individual, we don't.

We understand the IT technology market is vast and no matter what anyone tells you, no one person can possibly be experienced enough at everything - these people are what is known as “Jack of all trades” but they are also “Master of none”. When designing a website, we will use all of our experts needed for your website based on your specification and budget i.e. Graphic designer for your Brand and Logo designs; Web designer for your website in whichever format you require; Social media experts for your marketing; Copywriters if you don't know what content you want entered within the site; SEO experts for getting you seen on Google; Bloggers to keep your site regularly updated; IT support if you choose to include this service.

Additionally for larger businesses, we have developers, UI and UX professionals at your disposal to assist with your project. For the bigger projects, our UK based project managers will need meetings as often is the case and can fly out to see businesses overseas.


Q: It all sounds expensive - does it cost a lot?

A: Simply put - No. This is very much a double edge sword type of question, however we will try and explain it here.

It costs as much as you want it to cost. By this we mean, if you are a new start up and only need a one page website for now with a basic logo and you provide the pictures and content - you would firstly pay for your domain name and a server. Our fees for our services would be around £300 GBP. All of this would be discussed at our meeting.

The more you require, the higher the fees would be. We always recommend to start small at first but you must remember that the website is the first thing your potential customers will see and that is why its very important to get the right website from the offset. If it’s not professional, that potential customer will simply move on to the next website and you lose the business.


Q: Is it possible to pop into your offices

A: There is no need nowadays as everything can be done online and on the phone. On the larger projects, if needed, we will come and see you to get an idea of the whole workings of your company to create the best site to suit your company and cover your needs.


Q: What is the average cost of a website build for a small company if i do not want a simplistic site and i want all the bells and whistles?

A: That's a tough question but the average website build can range from £800 to £5000. An ecommerce site is often different and this can range from between £1000 to £20000. It all depends on what you require.

Here is an example of what a logo design could cost;
1. 2D logo designs could cost anywhere from £100 to £800
2. 3D logo designs can be slightly higher and can range from £200 to £1000
3. Animated logo designs can range from £350 upwards to £1500