Simple Solutions Require Complex Processes.

Our team of experts range from website designers, and developers to 3D / 2D as well as animated Logo designers and SEO specialists. All the resources we need to ensure a successful outcome to enhance your business.



What research is needed for a Website Project?

Be it a new website, a refresher change in design or including a workable mobile application, having done the right research is imperative to succeed.

Research could be either quick research or ideally longer research. Longer research allows us to help you somersault your business upwards and the way your customers see you.




Things to consider when creating a strategy range from:

- Checking the competition,
- Understanding the business
- Analyse what is required
- Branding, Marketing, stationary

- Using CMS, Support, Native app

- Hosting, domain, traffic to your site 
- Bringing in strong social media to your website



A website is a must in today's society but more so, a website that is innovative allows you to stand out from the crowd.

A website needs to show:

- A strong brand identity
- It needs to reflect what you offer
- Explain why customers need you
- Shows why you are different
- It needs to generate leads

All of this and more can be handled by our team of content writers and copywriters as well as graphic designers and website developers who work side by side to create the most fabulous website - your website.


Visual Identity

Why a visual identity is so important to any business.

The first time a customer looks at your website, you have a few seconds to either wow them or they will move onto the next one that's more professional looking and captures their imagination. This is where your visual identity comes into play and our graphic designers play the most important role here. 

The identity is where you shape the perception of your company and tell the world who you are. 



High quality content is so important and this is what makes your site show up on search engines such as Google

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. 

With hundred of thousands of websites, without good SEO people will not find you as google will not rank you.

High quality and informative content is imperative to attract the right audience as well as helping search engines find your website



UI stands for User Interface and this is more and more recognised as an essential tool for the users engagement on a website 

Customers expect good, well designed websites that offer a digital experience. If you cannot provide this, your customer there is no doubt that your customer will go a company who can.




UX stands for User Experience. This is the process of creating products and experiences for your customer that helps them do what they’ve come to do. When their experience with the checkout or anything else is good, no one will notice but when the programming is bad, that's when they won’t be very interested in repeating the same experience with that product or worse still... with your company.



Every website follows a process which starts on:

- An initial consultation to discover what you want.
- Then comes: the Plan
- Followed by: the Design

- Development
- Finally, the LAUNCH